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    Distribution Issue

    Nihhal L

      Hi All,


      I am unable to distribute file.

      QlikView server returned a error.

      Need your assistance.





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          Colin Albert

          Have a look at the document reload log, enable Generate Logfile in the document.

          Also check the distribution logs.

          Post the logs here if you need more help.

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              Nihhal L

              Thanks for your reply Colin.

              I got solution.

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                  Hi Nihal... i am facing distribution issues too. Can you please post your solution?


                  The issue I am facing is that the Distribution server log file shows the task as 'executed successfully', but nothing is updated on the access point. I have to execute the task 7-8 times before it actually does get executed, even though the log files say that it is executed every single time. Is this a similar problem to what you were facing?


                  I know this is more than a year old post, but if you still remember the issue and the solution, please share.


                  Thanks a big ton,



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                Thanks Colin, The "Generate LogFile" box is enabled and the log files are being generated. The issue I face is that I have to execute every task multiple times before the report is finally distributed. The log files that are generated show the task as "executed successfully" every time, even when the report does not distribute really. It is not an issue with the root/mount folders. So I am thinking what might be causing this error.


                My question is that if the four services - QMS, QVS, DSC and QVWS - are running on a different service release (11.2 SR 9) and QDS runs on 11.2 SR5, could that be the issue causing this need-for-repeated-execution-of-tasks?