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    Displaying Filtered QVW on Sharepoint in iFrame

      Hi all,


      I'm working on a Sharepoint/Qlikview integration project.  We're trying to display a QVW in an iFrame within Sharepoint, filtering the QVW depending on the Sharepoint page that calls it.  For example, if the "Project ABC" Sharepoint site calls the Project Dashboard, I want the QVW to filter and only show data for Project ABC.  From what I understand if I/we add "&select=LB20,Project%20ABC" to the Accesspoint URL for the Project Dashboard, I should be able to display the Project Dashboard filtered to show only data for Project ABC.  This method doesn't seem to be working for us however, and I'm not sure why.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Let me know if the scenario I'm describing isn't clear.