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    Positionning and Limits vs QlikView / Deployement : licencing

    Gilles BECHARD


      Thank you for reading this post.
      It's been a long time now that I've been looking for a qlikView version that could help me with some friends who own a very small business and would need to analyse their data but can't afford a QlikView licence (Or maybe they will after a better knowledge of their data, but they can't yet afford it ) - Second point is that I've been looking at lot of videos and struggling in the forum, but don't have answers to some questions :

      - What is the exact positionning of QlikSense compared to QlikView ?

      - What are the limits of Sense vs QlikView ? Are there things that cannot be done ?

      - What is the pricing of QlikSense ? Can I deploy an applcation that I developped without restriction ?This is a first


      There is my first flow of questions, I guess this will raise more questions afterwards, but thank you by advance for answering

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          For a first Start I would suggest to read the Blog Entry from Henric Cronström to understand the differences.




          There is no comparsion list of QlikView and QlikSense as both are different Products. Often you just have to do it in a different way in Sense than you did it in QlikView or create an extension or wait for the function.


          The Pricing is for both Desktop Versions free, but with Sense you can more easil share your application. From FAQ:


          Can I share apps created in Qlik Sense Desktop?

          Yes. There are no limitations in sharing applications between different installations/instances of Qlik Sense Desktop.

          Note: QVF files need to be located in a specific folder - C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps

          The folder cannot be a shared drive folder or a shared folder. Once a qvf is open, it is modified so other instances of the Desktop cannot open it or copy it.

          Also there will be a Cloud Function later this year, sta tuned for details.