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    Gantt type chart

    Tom Jones



      I've created a Gantt-style chart using a stacked bar chart that displays pretty much what I want it to.  However, the way I've done it uses a lot of memory due to using 40+ expressions, I'm wondering if anyone has a better idea of going about things.


      I have several events with a start time, then each event has sub-events that each have start and end times.  I've calculated the minutes in between start and and end times, given each sub-event a rank based on its start time, then stacked the values in rank order.


      So for each event, the expressions run something like this:













      =only({$<rank={'     ..n     '}>}prep_time)

      =only({$<rank={'     ..n     '}>}session_time)

      =only({$<rank={'     ..n     '}>}close_time)

      =only({$<rank={'     ..n     '}>}down_time)


      for n sub-events.


      Currently I've got 10 sub-events, but this will probably need to increase to more.


      This is an image of what the chart looks like for 2 events:gantt.JPG.jpg

      Does anyone have any ideas on a different approach?