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    Section Access & reload on server

      Hello everyone,


      I have added a section access to one of my application. So I filled the appropriate fields in the reload tab on QEMC with an ADMIN and a password.


      The problem is that sometimes, the reload works well and sometimes it fails with the error "coudn't open the document, might require a password".

      When I have this mistake, I usually try to reload it mannually (by clicking on "reload now") and it usually fails again.  So what I do is that I go to the reload tab and click on "apply" again and then it works.


      It is really annoying because I would say it fails every 1 reloads whereas before adding a section access, I had no problem.


      Do you have any tips I could try ?


      Thank you for your help.


      Have a good day



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          Friedrich Hofmann

          Hi Laura,


          I don't know exactly about the use of a password - I used to have that in one or two apps, but I realized that management is usually not a friend of any extra effort, so I swapped it for NTNAME (the windows logon).

          That works well on the server also - just make sure the "user" running the reload_tasks on the server is also in there as ADMIN.



          Best regards,



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            Ashfaq Mohammed


            I could think of below points

            1) If you have any Antivirus software then make sure you eleminate below folder from scanning



            2) Make sure you service account is added to your section access.

            3) Make Sure to provide Section Access admin credentials in the below path too.

            QEMC-->  System --> Setup --> Distribution Service --> Advance tab


            If nothing works lastly try by creating new task.




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                Thank you for your answer Ashfaq.


                I don't have any antivirus software.

                And about the 3), I don't have publisher.


                About the 2), what is the service account ?


                My section access looks like that :


                LOAD * INLINE [

                ACCESS, USERID, PASSWORD

                ADMIN, ADMIN, Name4,

                ADMIN, ADMIN, Name3,

                USER, USER01, Name2,

                USER, USER02, Name1 



                The name1, name2... are the name of the people which are used as passwords.



                Thanks again for your help