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    QV Edit Script language

      What language is used to write QV Edit Script? It seems to be a mix of different languages.

      Is it a unique QV language? If yes, is there a documentation?

      Thanks for the clarification

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          Angad Singh

          Interesting question, I have never asked this to myself. And when I did, I had multiple answers.


          Yes, this is QV unique scripting language, the functions and syntax will not be used with any other language. Though you can add macros to it using VB script or Jscript.


          It is mix of SQL, some standard functions and qlikview functions. The Qlikview reference manual and community can help you learn more.


          You can start with reading QV 11 Developers book and also Qlikview Scripting book by Matt


          If you have base of database, warehousing, and if you have knowledge about any standard language like Javascript or Java that will help