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    My Data for my chart is not grouping

      I am new to QlikView, and I'm having a problem grouping my data.  I would appreciate anybody who can assist me.  I'm trying to group my data by month/year...and to drill into each individual day.   I load the data as follows...




      date(Shift_date,'YYYY-MM' ) as yrMonth,



      I add an new Chart and add the new group by Properties -> Dimensions -> Edit Group -> New .....and add Fields "yrMonth" and "Shift_date" as a Drill-down Group.

         When selecting all days for 2 months...say June and July...I expect to see 2 Bar charts for June and July and to drill into a bar (say June) and to view all individual days.   Instead it displays all days for both months.....Again, any help will be much appreciated. ...Thanks in advance