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    How to better structure links between many different bases

      Hey dears,


      I have been lately working with a project that links many different databases. Let me give an example. I have an Oracle database with many tables, which I need to use 5 tables. They are linked between each other by some fields named "*_AUTO_KEY". One of the tables I have the Date that the product that the company work with (Aircrafts) stopped at the Service Center.


      I have another database that I need to get data, this one is Salesforce. Salesforce works with "IDs", I also have the product Serial Numbers, and I also got dates for those events that the Aircraft stopped at the Service Center.


      Now, inside Salesforce I deal with many Service Centers. Oracle database deals with only one single.


      IF I create a link between those databases, I wonder which one should be the one that would fit my needs. If I link by Date, and I pick the particular Service Center that the Oracle database works with, it somehow filters it, which I don't want to. It is not easy also linking serial numbers, and by clicking in choosing that Service Center for that particular Oracle database, it gets filtered, which should not happen also.


      So, basically, by writing this, I feel like I shouldn't link those databases. But I need to compare information based on it.


      Can someone give a me a little background on this issue, or provide me something to read about?


      Thank you.