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    Only include latest 3 month set analysis



      i have this set analysis. As it is now it works when i select filters on month, but i want it to only take the lastest 3 months, because i need it on a dashboard where there is no filters.


      How do i do so it only takes the latest three months?


      =num(Avg(aggr(sum({<Date_CleanDato={"<$(=Date(Today()-1))"}>}TotalSessions) / (count({<DimRaptorCustomer.CustomerID={'$(vCustomer)'},Date_CleanDato={">=$(=Date(Min(Date_CleanDato))) <= $(=Date(Max(Date_CleanDato)))"}>} DateKey) /

      (Monthend(Max(Date_CleanDato)) - MonthStart(min(Date_CleanDato)))) / Count({1<DimRaptorCustomer.CustomerID={'$(vCustomer)'}>}distinct  MonthFact),MonthYear)),'#.##0')