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    DOC CAL Users should see only licensed previews on Access Point

    Klaus-Peter Roethke

      Access  Point Question:


      Dear Community Users,


      Actual situation: Users can see ALL document previews (or document names). Users can open only these documents for which they have a license (but they want to open the other ones also, because they see that they are existing :-)  ).


      Now I'm searching for the following settings:


      1. Document Users with a DOC CAL should see only the document previews, for which they have a document license (in the "browsable" folders). Not all the others.


      2. Developer Users with a Named CAL can see ALL documents and can also open ALL documents. Actual I have a condition in each sheet to manage the authorization via
      "if OSUser()='XYZ',  but this is much work. I would prefer a way via external Excel file. Or with section access, but I have no experience so far.


      3. If later on we use concurrent licences, how can I manage then the authorization access to each document and inside to each sheet effective ?


      4. You can also send me a link to a documentation.


      Thank you in advance.