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    Newbie to QlikView...so a stupid question

      Please forgive me in advance as I am very new to QlikView. 

      I have a lot of information on some hospitals that I am trying to get a rank analysis on.  Here is what I want to do.

      In just one table I have the following columns:










      I have *NO* problem upload the data into Qlikview.  However, I am struggling with creating a Rank Analysis chart to do what I want to do which is create a chart that will display the column values of Total_Licensed_Hrs_per_patient based on State.  I do not understand how to use the Dimension and Dimension Expression to do this.

      Can anyone direct me a little?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you,


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          Try using a pivot table with State as your dimension, then =sum(Total_Licensed_Hrs_per_patient) as an expression

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            Saradhi Balla

            to add to Robert Daitzman's reply, may be this video will help...there are plenty of awesome videos on different concepts in Qlikview. These helped me a lot when i was new.


            Writing first expression in QlikView and other properties - QlikView Blog, QlikView Videos and Tips at QlikShare

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              If you want to rank in chart my advice is to use horizontal bar chart.

              First add New Sheet Objects, Second select bar chart. In this case you have to compare rank of hospitals , so for dimension you have to add hospitals. Maybe in your case correct field is provider name or I don't know .

              Next for expresion you have to add the criteria which you will compare the hospitals, maybe sum of Total_Licensed_Hrs_per_patientTotal_Licensed_Hrs_per_patient or I don't know again .

              And in the end you have to check tab sort and tab style , because the chart has to be beatiful .


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                When I start with qlikview I can understand what field is Dimension and what is Expression view my request as a sentence, for example:


                Sum of Total_Licensed_Hrs_per_patient based on State

                // Expression = all of numeric fields except ID's or time fields like year and month. If you Sum Sales you get usefull data but if you sum year field you get trash data.

                //Dimension = all words after "Based On" and clasify my numeric information.


                so in this case you can specify your Expression as a sum of field Total_Licensed_Hrs_per_patient:

                Expression = Sum(Total_Licensed_Hrs_per_patient)


                and you have one dimension field after words "Based on" (State)



                Finally you just choose an type of chart (Bar, line, Pie, ...) and order your values.In your case go to Sort sheet and check Sort By Y-Value Desc.


                If you need more examples here you are:


                Problems (Identify Dimensions and Expression for each problem):

                a) Count of diferents products based on OrderID

                b) Sum of Sales based on SalesMan and Zone

                c) Sum of Cost based on Product and Period (MonthYear)




                Dimension = OrderID

                Expression = Count(Distinct Product)



                Dimension = SalesMan, Zone (two dimension fields)

                Expression = Sum(Sales)



                Dimension = Product, MonthYear

                Expression = Sum(Cost)


                Remember basic rule to create a chart you just need identify your Dimension(s) and your Expression(s).


                Best regards.

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                  Sara Leslie

                  Jeff no questions are stupid! You included a number of great supporting details and information. Be sure to mark helpful and correct answers to reward other member for helping you.

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                    Thank you all for the responses!  I will try these and see what works best and post back here.  I truly appreciate all of your replies for help.