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    How to make Qlik view stock Qty real time update ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      I have a inventory file raw data file in txt format . I use QV to read and reload daily in the morning.

      Many time staff check stock have stock but when check the account system items just sold by some one.



      My question how to make it real time link stock Qty inform real time update ? Meaning if some one sold the items . My account system will generated the raw data file and Qlik view will reload. So data is updated real time.



      Any idea how to achieve this ?

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          Colin Albert

          Your data is loading for a txt file, so the update frequency in the current system will be limited by the frequency that the txt data is updated.

          How often can you refresh the txt file?

          Can you connect directly to the database and set the server to reload more frequently?


          Direct Discovery may be an option if you can connect directly to the database.

          There are some limitations on the direct discovery functionality and the options available depend on which version and SR you are using. The FAQ below gives more details.