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    Sorting bar chart in Sense

    Karol Dorniak



      according to the Sense help file:

      "Most visualizations have a Sorting section in the properties panel where you can drag the measures and dimensions to change the sorting order."


      If I wanted to change the sort order of the below bar chart and sorted it by MonthYear first, I would need to drag MonthYear above Sales:



      The issue is that drag&drop does not work for me. Can anyone explain how to do this? I have attached a simple .qvf I am playing with...




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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi qlikview_karol - I assume you are using a PC device that has a touchscreen?

          This is a known issue with the Chromium interface we use and is being looked at.

          You can open a supported browser such as FireFox or IE and access: http://localhost:4848/hub - and you can access the same interface - the sort should work - please let us know if this solved your problem.

          I will update you on the issue, once I hear more from PM.




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            Karol Dorniak

            Thanks Michael, work around works fine on my laptop with touchscreen. How often is Qlik going to release bug fixes to Sense and how frequent can we expect releases with new features?

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                Michael Tarallo

                Hi Karol - great to hear.


                With certain issues like we are experiencing with the touchscreen on PC devices, I would imagine they would be addressed immediately and then posted to the next release which is when we will be also releasing the Sense Server version (which goes GA, slated for September-ish). If the issues are significant enough to disrupt a large part of users, it is handled with priority. On average Qlik can release up to 3 releases a year, (bug fixes, improvements, features) around every 3 to 4 months. This varies of course due to customer demand, etc.


                Stay in touch with us - watch the latest videos that we post, and let us know how you are doing. We will be happy to assist to make sure you getting the proper experience with the software.


                Also - if applicable - please mark this post as Correct / Helpful - if your issue has been resolved to your satisfaction. :-)


                Kinds Regards,


                Mike Tarallo


                @mtarallo - Twitter