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    How do I use WorkBench with web ticket?

      I was able to make the example in the WorkBench Reference Manual work under NTLM mode. After switching to DMS mode,
      I got "Failed to open document, You don't have access to this document." which I kind of expected. How do I make it work?


      I expect to have to do some kind of getWebTicket. However, I am a complete novice to web programming (haven't done any aspx nor javascript, etc) so please go as slow as you can.

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          Erik Gustafsson

          Hi Wood,


          Under the Documents tab in the QMC, you'll find "User Documents". Here you can select the documents and authorize users to them. There should be a "Authorization" tab for each document. This is how QlikView uses DMS mode authorization as opposed to NTFS security used with NTLM.




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              Thank you, Erik, for your pointer. I did set QV server to DMS mode, though I was setting Authorization of the doc to All Authenticated Users (which got me "Failed to open document, You don't have access to this document." that I indicated in my previous message).


              I just tried setting it to All Users and I got "Access Denied! The server (QVS) has no USER CAL for your account. Please contact your system administrator!". I am supposed the be the system administrator :-) so how am I supposed to set things up?


              Thank you.



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                  Erik Gustafsson

                  Hi Wood,


                  You need to assign CALs to the users to, see the Document CAL tab for each User Document. You can also add a USER CAL (found in the License settings) depending on the license you have acquired.




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                      Hi Erik,


                      It's not quite clear what I need to do, so I did the following, none of which got me to be error free when I tried to run the web site (from Visual Studio). Can you take a look to see if you have any further suggestions?






                      Under System => Licenses, with QV Server selected:


                      This is the LEF content I see in the QV Server License tab:








                      In the CALs tab, I see my name in the Assigned Users list.


                      Under Users, looking under my name, in the CALs tab, I see myself listed with a Named CAL. In the Documents tab, I see the document I'm working with using Workbench listed under User Document Name.


                      Under Documents => User Documents, with the document I'm working with using Workbench selected:


                      In the Authorization tab, Access is Always. I tried All Users, All Authenticated Users and Named Users, but none of these worked.

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                          Erik Gustafsson

                          Hi Wood,


                          If your name is listed under the Named CALs section (Licenses > CALs > Assigned CALs) and you are authorized to the document by "All authenticated users", you should have access. I recommend you to file a support case for this issue.




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                              Hi Erik,


                              I am trying to integrate workbench in my java web application. For that, I am successful in implementing/integrating workbench with the help Apache proxy. But whenever I include Ticket(webticket), then I am getting "No Connection" error, but if I remove the Ticket(or comment it) in Qv.InitWorkbench section of my html, then it works fine.


                              Please could you help me to resolve. Here is sample code..




                                <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="/QvAjaxZfc/htc/QvAjax.js"></script>

                                <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">

                                var qvDoc_LERG;

                                Init_LERG = function() {

                                qvDoc_LERG = Qv.GetDocument('CUSTOMER/CUSTOMER_LERG');


                                Clear_LERG = function() {




                                                { View: 'CUSTOMER/CUSTOMER_LERG'

                                , Host: "Customer"

                                //, Anonymous: 'true'

                                //, Ticket: "${webTicket}"


                                // Trigger Onload function

                                                       , BodyOnLoadFunctionNames: ['Init_LERG'








                                // -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------




                                header  { background-color:#1B8066;color:white;text-align:left;padding:2px;}



                                footer { background-color:#035393;color:white;clear:both;text-align:center;padding:5px; }


                                section { color:#035393;}


                                .report { float: left;margin: 5px;padding: 0px;border: 5px solid black;}



                                  .QvInlineObject{position:relative; margin-left:0px;margin-right:0px;float:left;}





                                <div class="report"  style="width:1210px;height:200px;">

                                <div class="QvInlineObject" avqview="CUSTOMER/CUSTOMER_LERG" avq="object:.Document\TB03" id="Document\TB03" avqstyle="true"></div>







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                      Pablo Soto



                      For more information of the WebTicket implementation you can read this post An introduction to QlikView Security using Web Tickets

                      braathen/qv-simple-webticket · GitHub (code example).


                      For to use Webticket with workbench you can try

                      1) Get  Webticket for a User


                      Ticket: VZndi/7Jbix6uUVvz1ioDGBrPXap+aukE2s5WgoD


                      2) Encode workbench web page URL

                         Workbench page: http://server/workbench/

                         Workbench page encoded : http%3A%2F%2Fserver%2Fworkbench%2F

                         You can use URL Decoder/Encoder


                      3) Autenticate Workbench page with a ticket generated






                      If the authentication is successful QlikView  redirected to the Workbench page and it will display the corresponding qlikview objects only if the user is authorized to access to .qvw document containing such objects


                      Best Regards.


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                          Hello Everyone,



                          I would like to know that, how to know if user has access to any document(.qvw file)?

                          As of now, I have implemented authentication using web ticket and working as expected.

                          But due some custom requirements, at the moment we are displaying more number of repport links to every logged in user, which cannt  be modified soon. So, but report level access/section access getting managed on Qlikview server/QMC.

                          But is user has access to given report(.qvw file), there is no issue but if user doesnt have access, then getting error as

                          "Failed to open document, You don't have access to this document".



                          Here is my application back ground..

                          I have integrated qlikview reports in to java web application, so wherenever user tries to open document, back ground I use webticket authentication and then open the report in browser, in iframe and using div integration.



                          Basically, I want to show user some kind of error page, other than "Failed to open document, You dont ******* ".

                          Please could you tell me , how to know that user  dont have access to given report/document(.qvw file).



                          I am using below url to open the document...






                          Your help is highly appreciated..