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    Slight Help

    Nemanja Momic

      Hello all,


      I need some help.


      As you can see in attached file, I have some chart and I dont know what to do.


      As you can see, there are multiple locations that I use as a dimension, to get the size of application that each location uses.


      On the bottom are application, that are not used still, and I want to show how much each location is using space without the bottom -.


      I cannot suppress the values, because it will only remove the info from the chart.



      I am using the variable to sum everything, and then I divide the size of Qvw in MB with it.

        • Re: Slight Help
          Jonathan Poole

          You can check the dimension for NULL values with the ISNULL function.   IE:   isnull(Location)<>-1   checks for only non-null values. Use it in the numerator and denonomitor to get a share that excludes the applications without a location