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    Composite key issue


      I'm facing an issue when am trying to create a composite key in Final layer to link 2 fields in a table.

      eg: I have 2 tables Incident and Solution. I have connected these 2 tables by using "SOLUTION_ID" field. In chart am getting inconsistent data, since the "Period" field in both the tables 're pulling the records which 're not similar. So decided to link the Period field as well. But if I do this, I will get a synthetic key. To avoid this, am trying to create a Composite key by using these 2 fields as below


      Incident table: Field1: SOLUTIONBASEID renamed as SOLUTION_ID. Field2: AppYearPeriod

      Solution table: Field1: SOLUTION_ID, Field2: Period.


      Now the datamodel has connections between Incident and Solution table by using SOLUTION_ID.


      Composite key:


      AppYearPeriod &'|'& SOLUTION_ID as PeriodSolnIDKey (as Composite key).


      I'm stuck here and no idea in how many places we need to give this in the script.

      I'm trying to locate the composite key below this statement in the script in 4 places.


      Closed_year & Closed_Period as AppYearPeriod

      Open_year & Open_Period as AppYearPeriod


      Errors during reload:

      "AppYearPeriod" field not found and Incident table not found. Please help me by give some suggestions how to come out of this situation.


      Your help would be highly appreciated.