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    Applymap change

      Our team's Qlikview developer has changed the underlying data model and moved the DESK field, from a table called TRADES to another one called TRADESPLITS. Therefore my mapping script below no longer works, as i now get the error;


      "Field not found - <DESK>"


      My script is as follows




      Mapping LOAD

      DESKS & SECTORS as Key,


      Resident ProductMappings;





      ApplyMap('MapProduct',DESK,ApplyMap('MapProduct',SECTOR, Null())) as PRODUCT


      Resident Trade_Temp;

      Drop Tables  Trade_Temp,ProductMappings;



      How can I amend this segment of the script to ensure it works? Previously the SECTOR field and DESK field were both in the TRADES table.


      The full script is attached for extra clarity if needed.