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    Using mounted folders and distribution task

    Hartley Julian

      Hi Qlik'ers!


      This should be a simple and common situation... but for some reason I can't get it to work as I expected.


      I am trying to rearrange the security setup for a client so that they can set the security of folders on the QlikView server and then use distribution tasks to publish apps to these folders in Accesspoint and respect the security.


      what I have done is:


      - Mount a folder on the server called 'Team 1'

      - Give NTFS permissions to the QlikView Service account and the AD group of users 'Team 1' (read only)

      - Create a distribution task for a qvw to publish to this mounted folder to 'AllAuthenticated Users'


      The qvw is created in the mounted folder ok, but I still seem to be able to see the application in AP, even though I am not a member of 'Team 1'...


      Any ideas / suggestions as to what is going wrong?


      One downside of this approach is that you can't seem to have hierarchies of folders as you get duplications in the publishing... so any better ideas much appreciated...