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    Adding to Master Items from Data Load

    Philippe Grenier

      Good morning,


      I very much like this new approach of having access to Master Items for ease of reuse during app development in Qlik Sense. Like many, I am a great fan of creating variables in order to store complex expressions, or even simple ones, thus simplifying their reuse within a QlikView document.


      Knowing this, one might understand that I currently use a sort of externally maintained expression library that gets loaded as variables at the same time the document's data gets refreshed. So, loading expressions into variables, I've pretty much got that covered, and I'm also quite sure I could reuse the same approach in Sense.


      But now, knowing that this Master Items feature exists, I am curious to figure out how I could transform my current approach into "automagically" creating Master Items rather than a bunch of variable. Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance for your time, regards,



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          Jose Federico Moreno Penzo

          I am also very interested in knowing if there is an "automagical" way of doing this. For now I have not found a way of doing this on the actual Qlik Sense release.

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            Michael Tarallo

            Hi Guys - yes you can do this with the Master Items list, but keep in mind a few things:


            • Master Items (Dimensions, Measures, configured visualizations)  - expressions configured in this way - are just for a specific app
            • Currently "expressions" and the name given to them defined in Master Items CANNOT be referenced in another defined Measure / Dimension. This will improve over time.


            Using the Load Script to define your variables and expressions, in certain cases, may be the better option.


            Let me know if you have any follow  up questions, and please remember to mark the question appropriately so our teams and other community members know that they have been answered to your satisfactions.