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    Unexpected behavior using Binary load

    Philippe Grenier

      Good morning,


      Has anyone noticed Sense's funny and unexpected behavior when using the Binary load command? I have tried putting this statement as the initial line in the Data load editor of a new Sense document:


      Binary [.\Equity Sales Analysis.qvf];


      And here is the result from the Data model viewer:

      Equity Sales Analysis extra table.jpg

      My first instinct when I saw this was to try to drop the table and simply carry on using this statement:

      DROP Table [Equity Sales Analysis];


      And this is what can be read from the Data load progress console:

      Started loading data

      Binary [.\Equity Sales Analysis.qvf] 

      Table not found DROP TABLES statement

      DROP Table [Equity Sales Analysis]

      Data load failed


      Any ideas as to what to do to eliminate this unwanted table?