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    login fail after update 11.02 using formlogin.htm and AD

    andries Bos

      Is it still possible to use both the AD (browser) authentication AND the formlogin.htm ?


      In previous versions of de server, it was possible to authenticate using you AD credentials, or log in using another user's name using the alternative login2.htm.


      After upgrading to server upd 11.2 this option provided by login2.htm has been changed to formlogin.htm


      If I set my server to authentication to 'alternative loginpage' , the user is auto forwarded to this FormLogin.htm page and login in works.


      However, changing this to 'default login page (browser authentication) , browsing manually to this FormLogin.htm page will not work.

      The 'action' to redirect tot the login page will fail and my screen remains 'waiting'.


      Am I missing an option?