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    Qlik Sense Suggestions for Improvements

    Robert Hutchings



      I have evaluated Qlik Sense for my company.


      I will not be recommended installing this product in any respect at this
      point. Potentially its a great product


      But my view it is not even close to being ready yet. Too many basic items
      are missing.


      - Like mouse copy and paste. Sometimes it works other times it does not. I
      know I can use ctrl copy etc


      - And help just directs to a blank screen. And search in Qlik Community just
      mainly gives Qlik View options.



      -I find the create new connection confusing. Why change this. QlikView is
      brilliant. A work around I used was to set up in Qlik View and copy to qlik
      sense. But I still can’t get a binary link to a Qlik View file to work (whereas the binary link in QV is very simple).


      -Formating is limited in tables. Like align left. Or size the dimension
      column as required


      Is there a section to recommend improvements. Because I would really like a
      self service solution. But at present I would sooner use QlikView if someone is
      interested in doing their own thing.



      Maybe Qlik Sense is just not designed for someone like me.

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello RJ,


          Your feedback is very important to us. Are you interested in sharing your experience with a product management team member? I can have them contact you, I know they would love to hear from you.


          It sounds like you had an issue with cut and paste? - I assume you mean within the storytelling interface? - You can right-click copy and paste chart objects in the design interface in edit mode of the apps's sheets, but I noticed the right-click mouse option did not exist in stories. - Just want to be clear on that point.


          Help - should not redirect you to a blank screen - it goes to our help site: https://help.qlik.com/sense/en-US/online/index.html - it is possible that a live internet connection was not available during that time when accessing help.


          In regards to connections - we can use file paths, and then new LIB parameter which stores the connection in a new structure that makes it available for reuse, management and security with in the Qlik Sense Server product - due in September.


          In regards to Binary loading data - this is in the help documentation and covered in this video here: Qlik Sense Desktop - Loading Data from QlikView Applications (video)


          we have a host of other videos located here that can also help you: New to Qlik Sense Videos


          Formatting is something that is currently limited in the table chart object, there are planned improvements for this.


          Any other feedback can be posted here at the moment, I will make sure to route the requests and information appropriately.


          Kind Regards,


          Mike Tarallo


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              Robert Hutchings

              Thanks for the link and you response

              For some reason when I click on the help button it takes me to qlik.com and a blank screen

              I have noticed copy (and paste) not working in a number of situations

              For example if I go into an expression (edit expression by clicking on fx) it does not work. Likewise with paste

              I can use ctrl c and ctrl v though


              Re binary load. I will have another go tomorrow. But I watched the video and explanation and could not get it to work. But I am not a computer expert which might be the problem. I will get the computer guys to look at this when they have time to see if they can work it out.

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                  Michael Tarallo

                  OK thanks RJ, I want you to have a good experience with the Snese. If you are a QlikView customer, possibly you could contact our Concierge service to get in touch with someone who could help you further. Otherwise, myself and the other community members will do our best to assist you.


                  If you would like to post new discussion threads, possibly include some screenshots too, so we can visually identify and further troubleshoot.


                  Kind Regards,


                  Mike Tarallo


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                      Robert Hutchings

                      Ok Ive got the binary to load

                      What I did was set up a binary in Qlik View

                      binary  [h:\1 sales\sales cube v7 2014.qvw];

                      and copied into Qlik Sense (using ctrl v)


                      This also works
                      binary  'h:\1 sales\sales cube v7 2014.qvw';


                      what was confusing me was the folder connection bit. But I get it now


                      Binary 'lib://QVWs/FDIC - Summary of Deposits.qvw';

                      - where QVWs - is the name of the Sense Folder Connection


                      I can see why folders are set up but unsure if it makes it easier or not. I prefer the direct link without having to create a folder first.