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    Improving the accuracy of calculations


      I would like to have better accuracy of Qlik calculations and I am wondering if this is possible and what is the best way to go...

      Here's the case.

      I have a metric x that is calculated with (A-B)/C.

      A, B, C are also calculated values.

      When I get A, B, C calculated values separately from Qlik and calculate x offline (Excel, calculator, manually) I get value x1 (in % with precision >=3).

      When I  ask Qlik to do the x calculation it returns a value x2  (in % with precision >=3)..


      x1 and x2 can be as different as 3% which is not suitable for my case: I need x1 and x2 to agree on the second decimal at least.


      Any ideas of how I can have x2 calculated more accurately by Qlik?