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    How to populate Extension 'definition' with async function return data



      In a typical extension javascript file, a return block contains a definition section which defines the properties for the extension. 


      The 'HorizList' extension, for example, contains the following code to show a dropdown for 'selection mode'


      selection : {

        type : "string",

        component : "dropdown",

        label : "Selection mode",

        ref : "selectionMode",

        options : [{

             value : "NO",

             label : "No selections"

        }, {

             value : "CONFIRM",

             label : "Confirm selections"

        }, {

             value : "QUICK",

             label : "Quick selection"




      What I want to do is populate such a list with applications using a call to:



      which is of course asynchronous... I have tried putting this call before the top return statement, but its callback is fired after the other code is returned, so I see nothing in the list!


      I hope I've made sense... any ideas would be much appreciated.