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    Incremental loads into Qlik Sense qvf

      I apologize if this question is already addressed. I am new to QlikSense and I love this product. My question is how I load latest data (via Load data option) without loading entire data set?

      This is my scenario:


      I would like to visualize my data from 2012 to current data (500K+ records). My past data is static or no changes are possible to my past data.


      In my scenario, First time I would like to load data from 2012 to current date (Aug 24th). From tomorrow on wards, I want to load only data after Aug 24th to day run (future date)


      Please help us. To loading entire data set (overwriting), it is taking more than 7 minutes and that is not acceptable time for us.

      Thanks for your help.

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          Jonathan Poole

          Hi ,


          I would suggest using QVDs.  I checked the help and this topic is a little better covered in the QlikView help which still applies in qlik sense because its the same load script language.  (just replace QVW with QVF)


          I've attached the help for this topic in PDF  here. I would suggest looking at option 2 (insert) which will load only the new records from the QVD file.


          i'm going to see if we can get an equivalent level of help available in Sense.