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    Sense - AngularJS - $scope not populating correctly?

      Hi everyone,


      I have an extension, and in my template, I have the following code:


      <button ng-click="getApps()">Get apps</button>

      <div ng-repeat="a in allApps" style="clear:left">




      In the extension's javascript code, I have the following code fragment:


      controller: ['$scope', 'testService',

                      function($scope, testService) {


                          $scope.getApps = function() {

                              testService.getApps().then(function(reply) {

                                  $scope.allApps = reply;




           // rest of the code...


      The testService code has the following definition for getApps():


      getApps: function() {


                          var deferred = q.defer();


                          c.getAppList(function(reply) {




                          return deferred.promise;





      When I click the 'Get Apps' button in my view, everything works as expected - I see a list of apps (their qTitle) in the view... GREAT!


      However, and this has been driving me crazy, I cannot get the code to work when the app starts up... I want to see it when the extension runs for the first time... I can get it when I click the button, but I need it there 'straight away' (I know it's an async call, that's why that's in quotes).  I don't see any errors (in the dev tools), but I don't get anything back either.


      Any help would be much appreciated...