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    Assign variable from previous qvd in script

    Alejandro Cortada

      Hi colleagues this might be easier than I thought but I am stuck and need guidance.

      I have a list of clients stored in a qvd (clients.qvd) which I then join to a SQL query in my script. This list may suffer changes like new or deleted clients.

      Considering those possible changes I have been trying to assign the client id to a variable to then use it in the SQL query without having to join, by doign this the sql query becomes more efficient..

      When running the Debugger I see the qvd is pulled correclty with data however the variable does not obtain the ClientId value/s:





      LOAD distinct ClientId

      FROM [..\QVD\ClientsList.qvd] (qvd);


      LET vCCode = Concat(CLientId,',');



      Debugger output:


      vCCode     <NULL>

      ClientId     <NULL>


      I am sure I am overlooking something here, any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks!