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    Data validation

      I have a run a script and stored the table into a QVD.

      It has following fields





      field2 etc



      When I open the qvd and try to find the number of Server using text obejct  --- count(Server) it gives me  4469. But when I create a table obejct with the dimensions Server , Storage and field1 and import that into excel , I can see there are infact only 4417 servers.



      When I chechked the Storage using both text obejct and excel method, again isame thing happens. Text object shows 4.6 terabytes and when i do sum(Storage) on excel shows 4.3 terabytes.


      What am i missing here?. The storage is 4.3 terabytes after validating with the team  but why does qlik skew up the values?.



      Note: The scripting has mapping .