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    Qlikview Service Account without administrative rights

    Michael Fasch

      I know, that there are statements that it is nessesary to run Qlikview with an administrative account. Unfortunately, in our case this is not possible. We managed that the services could run without this rights, wenn the started once with an adminsitrtative acount.

      The reason for the "one time administrative rights" is, that the services create non existing windows performance counters. Does anyone know a way to export the Performance counters from an installed system and import them in the new one?

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          Hi Michael,


          Can you explain how did you manage to start services without administrative rights?  We have done the instructions which written in "minimum security requirements " document but no result so far.  We gave the necessary rights the folders and paths below. What did we miss?


          Local policy access rights:

          Member of local Groups:

          Folder read and write access:

          Registry read and write access:

          Service id

          Log on as a service





          QlikView Administrators





          Cryptographic Operators




          C: or D: or E: (Not subfolders)
          Depending on where the QVS root folder is located


          QVS Root folder, mounted folders and log folder



          HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Perflib


          Log on as a Batch job


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            Michael Fasch



            we gave up tu run without administrative rights. We are now running the QV-Services with a local admin account. Sorry!