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    Can a line chart be made to show continuous x-axis dimensions?

    G�ran Sander

      When dealing with time series data it is pretty common to have hundreds, thousands or even more data points.

      I would like to plot such data in a line chart, but the chart always insists on showing the bottom slider.

      It allows me to pan around in the data - which is great - but not what I want.


      I want to see all the data at the same time. Yes, it would mean that only some labels on the x-axis are shown, but that's fine.

      In fact, I would have assumed (hoped!) that Sense would be smart enough to recognise the "Date" field on the x-axis as being just that - dates - and allowing for a more dynamic viewing of data.

      Sort of like the continuous option for charts in QV 11.


      Is this possible in Sense? Am I missing something?