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    Open items for perticular month

      Any one have any other way to archive this? by doing this in way suggested by  Rupas , the  link to fact table will be based to created date but in this has to be linked to ID



      I trying calculate count of total open items at end of the month based on completed date below table gives the example of what i am trying to get as output. Can someone please help me on this.


      IDCreated dateCompleted date
      21/31/20142/10/2014Open in Jan
      32/1/20144/10/2014open in Feb&March
      42/15/20143/2/2014open in Feb
      63/12/20144/2/2014open in March
      73/30/2014open in March&April
      84/3/2014Open in April
      94/3/20144/3/2014Open in April
      104/5/2014Open in April


      Required Output