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    bubble chart pop ups

    Kristina Stephenson

      Hi All,

      I'm having some issues with pop ups displaying in an organized list in bubble charts. The dimension, clinic, and the expressions, HCC score and hospitalization days per patient year (x and y axis respectively), are displayed in the pop ups with clinic listed first, then HCC score, and then hospitalization days per patient year. When I added an additional expression, Total #, to be included the  pop up label representing the total number of patients per clinic, this displays after hospitalization days per patient year if you are only hovering over one bubble. However, if the bubbles are close together and multiple clinics appear in the pop up label, the order of the labels in the pop up is not organized this way- Total # for all clinics are placed at the bottom of the pop up.bubble_pop_up_labels.PNG.png

      Is there a way to fix this so that Total # appears after hospitalization days per patient year for each respective clinic?




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          Jonathan Poole



          i disabled 'pop up labels' on the presentation tab.

          then i added a 4th expression with 'text as popup' enabled with a multiline expression like this that forms the label:



          'Region = ' & Only(Region) & chr(10)

          & 'Sales = ' & sum(Sales) & chr(10)

          & 'Total = ' &sum([Gross Margin])/sum(Sales)


          it appears to wrok...give it a shot