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    Input Box - with Mapping Extension

    Rocco Pecora

      Hello to all,

      I am working on a qlikview app with a QlikMaps extension. A client requirement is to be able to copy and paste x amount of a field and to be able to have it mapped using back end lats/longs - for like an adhoc scenario. I was told that this can't be done on the maps directly but you can make a QV input box and use the associative data model QV is known for. My only problem, the copy and paste extension the client has isn't the greatest. If the client copies and pastes 3,000 values - they have to manually hold the delete button to clear the previous search (you can't select all). Is there a known extension or solution to help my app. All in all, I need help creating a fully functional input box that can be cleared easily for the client's ease of use that will link to my mapping extension.


      Thanks so much