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    Forecast vs. Shipped Volume - Joining 2 Tables

    Danielle van Eeden

      Hi All,


      I need to do some analysis around forecasted vs. shipped volumes. The shipped volumes are basically the sum of units shipped by month and country.


      The forecasted volumes are read in from an external Excel spreadsheet, and are also set out in a similar way, showing the forecasted units by month and country.


      I am trying to join these 2 tables together using a key based on month and country, so that I can output the figures as follows, showing the forecasted vs. shipped volumes by country and month;


      IndiaMay 141000700
      ChinaMay 1420001500
      TurkeyMay 14800900


      The problem comes where there is a country/month combination in one of the tables but not the other - for example if there was volumes forecasted to ship from China in Jun 14 but nothing shipped, or vice versa. Basically, I need to show all combinations of month and country, whether they appear in one or both of the tables. I believe if I left join one table to the other, I will only get values for the country/months that appear in the first table?


      Is this possible?


      Any help greatly appreciated!