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    Better distinguish the Totals row in straight table?

    Steve Lord

      Hi Community,


      A colleague has asked if there is a way for me to put the word Total: or maybe do some conditional formatting or some other thing on the totals row only to distinguish it better from everything below.  This came up because one of the columns has a count of the id #s below it, and there is (some mild) concern that count will be mistaken as an id # itself (even though the totals row is in bold already and # of digits are different).


      EventId  Attended

      212       100

      48638    25

      48639    25

      48640    25

      ...           ...


      I did look at visual cues and things like that, and saw conditional formatting for number ranges and things, but not sure how to target that to the totals row (max/highest value in column maybe if available, but two columns are avg %), nor how to just stick the word Totals on the totals row.