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    Data Modelling


      I'm a rookie to Qlikview and currently dealing with a data modelling/Calendar issue.

      I have 3 tables:

      Source Access:
      1. Companies (Company_ID, Company_Name...)
      2. Invoices (Invoice_ID, Company_ID, Invoice_Amount,Invoice_Date,...)

      Source Excel:
      3. Open_Invoices(Open_Invoice_ID, Company_ID, Open_Invoice_Date,...)

      The fields of Invoices and open invoices are not completely consistent.

      I created a calender table based on Invoice_date. The Open_invoices table should
      also be linked to the generated calendar table as well as to the accounts table.

      Anyone an idea how to handle to link the tables and avoid synthetic keys or
      circular references.

      Thanks in advance for your help.

        • Data Modelling
          Oleg Troyansky

          I'd recommend that you concatenate your two tables into one (even if some of the fields are not consistent, you can force concatenation), have a single Invoice Date field and link it to the calendar. Use flags (0/1) to differentiate between Invoices and Open Invoices.

          good luck!