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    Creating Text box with max an min values

    Ridhaa Hendricks

      Hi All

      I would like to create 4 text boxes

      in each text box I would like to individually Rank them  according to the sum of the sales value using a dimension Category


      I would need to display the name of the category in one text box overlaying the text box with the sum.


      how can I achieve this...

      Fields are Category, Value

      Ive used the below to get the name of the highest category... but how would i get the 2nd highest... etc

      FIRSTSORTEDVALUE (Category,-Aggr(sum(Value),Category))


      ive used this to get the highest number 

      it seems to be working... but how would i get the 2nd highest etc ...

      Max (Aggr(sum(Value),Category))


      Appreciate your assistance