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    What does function ReloadTime() evaluate?

    Frank Heuer



      one of our qvw files has got the following code at the beginning of the script:

      Let sReloadTime=ReloadTime( );


      Within, there is a textfield containing following code for the text property:

      =' Last Reload was at ' & sReloadTime.


      QlikView Server reloads this file every morning at 5:00 a.m.. The textfield does not show the current day, when you open it. It shows the last day 5 a.m.

      I checked the server time, but it is correct.


      So when is ReloadTime() evaluated. Does it really know at the beginning of the reload, that last reload was day before? Or should we just call the function within the textfiled text property?


      We use QV Version 11..