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    call VBscript function/procedure from loading script

      Hi all,

      I wrote vbscript macro that export data to excel.

      When running the macro from the "edit module" screen (by clicking on the "Test" button") it works.


      I'm trying to call my function from the loading script.

      I tried to write the macro as a procedure (with SUB, END SUB) and call from script with "CALL" - but it throws "script line error" message.

      I tried to write the macro as a function (with Function, END Function) and call from script with SET var = MyFunc() or with LOAD MyFunc(), but no data was exported.


      How should I call my macro? Does there is any security issue?


      I read all discussions about this issue and tried to do everything but it still doesn't work...


      Can someone please advise? thanks!!!