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    Upgrade Server v10 SR3 to v11 latest release

    Deborah Pyykkonen

      I am working with a client that has enterprise server v10 SR3 and hoping they will upgrade to v11.  They are concerned that they might have compatibility issues with existing applications once moved to v11.  Can anyone tell me their experience with the same upgrade or a similar upgrade scenario.


      Not sure this makes a difference but most existing applications are not built based on best practices.  No set analysis (all if() statements, deep snowflake schemas, more than one unrelated models, etc...  I am working on moving at least one divisions applications to follow best practices but the other divisions applications will be migrated over with existing models.


      On the bright side, they have a full dev environment that we can use to test BUT I still have to convince them that it will work regardless of the dev availability.