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    If I was going there, I wouldn't be starting from here ;-) - GovernanceDashboard

    Friedrich Hofmann

      Hi guys,


      I am just starting to dig into the manual of the GovernanceDashboard with the requirement, among others, to display statistics on the usage of the QlikView_apps here in the company. I'm just having a fundamental thought on this, but before I communicate this to all the teams, I'd like to know whether this change would help us:

      - Currently, only the developers have the QlikView_client installed.

      - All other users access the QlikView_apps via their Browser.

      - Nevertheless, all QlikView_apps have "security" settings, restricting user_access.

      - The thought behind this was that this way we wouldn't have to regularly update on so many machines - but we hardly ever update
         anyway ;-)


      Now I have learned here that the Governance_Dashboard won't give us information on browser-based usage. We can work around that, in the case of the teams (who have document_licenses) by tracking the usage of the licenses, which is equivalent for them.

      That way, however, we'd necessarily lose out on some information regarding the people who have Named_CALs, which is basically all the top_managers.

      I guess it would help us (e.g., it would provide more info rgd. those people) if we were to abandon this approach and give all the teams the client instead, would it? (you have to keep in mind, however, that the reload of the apps will still be done automated by the server, so the App_logs will not be usable)

      => Would that still help us to track whether a specific app is used on a given day?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,