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    CPU Utilization and Memory Utilization?

    khasimvali shaik


      What Happen in Qlikview CPU Utilization is Reach 100%?

      What Happen in Qlikview Memory Utilization is Reach 100%?

      Can anybody explain briefly?

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          deepak tibhe

          Hi ,


          It depends on number of factors.


          1.Please check how many tasks u r running at a time.

          2.How many processors  u r using right now.

          3.How many users are running QV app at a time.


          U will get perfomance issue,like long time to open app in accesspoint,long time to take reload etc.




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              KALYAN KRISHNA

              Hi ,


              The same issue i'm facing in QV app.I'm working in local PC not in server.PC of 8GB RAM, QV APP is closing automatically by raising out of Object memory or QV is not responding. If i filters the data, the objects are taking much time to load.

              what may be the issue.





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                  deepak tibhe



                  for amount of RAM allocation there is a concept of memory footprint.

                  This is a normal behavior, because QlikView holds the memory even tough no one is using the application.


                       When I say holds the memory means all the user activities will be captured and cached, but this will not impact the performance, because when memory is needed QlikView automatically deletes the unwanted catched memory.


                       Also make sure that following setting is there or not.


                       QEMC -> Documents -> User document -> Click on Application -> Performance ->Document Availability


                       Here see that Preload is checked or not.


                       If checked means QlikView will also hold the Application data in RAM.

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                    varaha sasi vardhan kandragula

                    Try to free some memory, by running some application like ccleaner.


                    if not increase the RAM, but 8 GB is good