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    Label for Grouped Expression


      Hello everyone,

      I have Chart like above in which I have grouped the Expression. My requirement is whenever Cyclic button clicked a text must appear on chart to show what the chart is showing. For eg when chart show bars for PBT then a text for PBT will appear on the chart. If anyone has any idea please share with me.



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          Friedrich Hofmann



          just create a text (in a textbox or wherever) and make it dependent, by use of an IF-construction, on the dimension being shown.


          In case it's not possible that way, you would have to abandon the cyclic group and just create several dimensions instead and make each one dependent on some variable which in turn you can govern by use of a button - then you can make anything else (e.g. that text) dependent on the same variable.




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            Janusz Twardziak



            You can either use 'Show Title in Chart' option with the defaulf '<use first expression label>' value, or create a cycle group containing the list of expressions (each expression as an island field) and then recognize currently selected value by using the GetCurrentField function.


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