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    **URGENT ASSISTANCE REQD** Cross tab function

      Hi guys,

                     Ok ive been using Qlikview for a little while now, so far so good.......I have come across a requirement for the import of an Excel sheet today, that I just cant get my head around.


      I think the crosstab function is what I need - but don't seem to be able to get the right data coming through, nomatter what I try.


      The problem (as per the attached) is that the layout of fields looks nice in Excel - but doesn't translate well at all into Qlikview. Im basically looking to replicate this sheet, but for week \ location & split by Rigs & operatives


      If anyone can help with my load script, it would be greatly appreciated


      apologies for the screenshot - the excel sheet contains links to other sheets & Im not permitted to share the entire sheet