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    Other graph styles like those found in other applications?

    Steve Lord

      Hi, there are other teams in my company who assemble reports with information from various sources including qlikview and I don't know whatall else.  They've recently begun a mission to get everyone to make their graphs and pie charts and such look the same, but the default options in qlikview are limited (though not bad really) and difficult to get a precise match with other kinds of graphs people made in excel or powerpoint or adobe etcetera.


      I've started looking at file extensions and things like that for general ideas, but has anyone else experienced pressure to make qlkview graphics look like graphics from other applications?  Any specific advise on how to approach this? A way to make qlikview reference some kind of file other applications draw their graphic specs from?  A whitepaper or anything like that?  (I'll google some too, just like to bop in here for the occasional bullseye some genius hands me on a silver platter.)


      We might be on the cusp of needing a qlikview designer person sitting next to me the qlikview developer person..  Supposing I succeeded on the building and dev stuff if people are down to having me beautify things now.