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    input box for bubble chart

    Kristina Stephenson

      Hi All,

      I am attempting to add an input box to allow the user to restrict a chart to only show clinics with a certain number of patients (i.e. 10 or more patients, 20 or more, 100 or more, 1000 or more, etc.). The chart I will be using the input box for is a scatter chart with the following dimension and expressions:

      - clinic name, pcp_practice_last_knwn_desc, as the only dimension

      - hcc score, hcc_c_v22_commun, as the first expression (x-axis)

      - number of ED visits, ed_cnt, as the second expression (y-axis)

      - total number of patients for the current selection, count(distinct patient_id), as the third expression (bubble size)


      The field patient_count (total number of patients per clinic) is available.

      Given patient_count is not a dimension or expression, what is the recommended method of restricting the table to only display clinics with a certain number of patients (and to let the user select the minimum number of patients per clinic for display)?