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    Qlikview URL changed after QV upgrade

      Hi All,


      We have recently upgraded QV from 11 SR2 to 11.2 SR5.

      Earlier the accesspoint url was  "xyz.abcd.com/index.htm" which used to directly point to Qlikview accesspoint.

      xyz is the server name and abcd is the domain name.


      But after upgrade, the url has changed to "xyz.abcd.com/qlikview/index.htm" for accesspoint.

      "Qlikview" needs to be added in the url otherwise it does not open using old url.


      Note:- There's no change in the DNS.

      According to my knowledge, The url name can't be changed/configured through Qlikview or QMC.....


      Please help me to solve this issue.

      Client would like to use the old link as it is widely used by management people.



      Thanks in advance.



      Sarang M. Mehta