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    Combining two line charts into one


      I'm trying to combine two line charts that have the same dimensions but two different expressions.

      One dimension is a numeric value (showed on X axis) and the second dimension have two possible values.

      On each line chart I have two lines showed. (see the middle and the right on the attached image)

      Now I would like to create a combined chart (one qv object) that would show 4 lines and Y axis would be split.

      When I created a new line chart with the same two dimensions and two expressions I still get only 2 lines (instead of 4) and the plotted lines are the average (see the left chart on the attached image)

      It is possible to create such plot in QlikView?

      I was thinking about making one object transparent and putting it onto the second but this is not what I want because later I need to print that chart.

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