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    Financial Year Doubt

      Hi All,


      I have Month Year like(Apr-14).


      Date filed name is 'Item'


      I used this


      Date(yearstart(Item,0,4),'YYYY') as FIN_YEAR,

          if(num(month(Item))<4,num(Month(Item))+9,num(Month(Item))-3) as FIN_MONTH_NUM,

          'Q'&Ceil(if(num(month(Item))<4,num(Month(Item))+9,num(Month(Item))-3)/3) as FIN_QTR,

           Month(Item) as FIN_MONTH,

           Date(Item, 'MMM-YYYY') as FinancialYear,


      I want the Fiscal Year as Apr11-Mar12, Apr12-Mar13, Apr13-Mar14 year wise

      How to do this please help me?

      Thanks in advance