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    Not getting real time data from linkedin , Please help..

    Nikhil Garg


      Let me explain you again everything.


      I am designing an application where I am analyzing my linkedin contacts.

      I Installed QVSource , authenticate my Linkedin Account. Fetch data , Generate scripts and copy those scripts in Qlikview.

      Now , I get Linkedin data in qlikview application for analysis.


      Now I logged in my linkedin account and added a person say(Brain) to my linkedin network.

      Now I want Brain to be shown in my Qlikview application where I fetched data above.

      For this I configure QVSource in Windows Task Scheduler at every 1 minute , so that after every 1 minute QVSource runs and fetch data again from linkedin so that I only have to click reload in qlikview to get Brain(My recently added contact) in qlikview.


      But the same is not happening.

      I have to re-authenticate everytime in QVSource to get updated data(even though I schedule QVSource at every 1 minute.)

      So ,According to me , after every 1 minute QVSource should re-authenticate authomatically since I configure it to run again after every 1 minute(and I need not to authenticate or login again and again.)


      Where am I wrong , please help me.